The simple answer to finding and using complex data, no matter where it is.

Voyager— the geospatial, enterprise search that connects, finds and delivers 1800+ different file formats, from desktop,  server or web.

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Announcing Voyager Search version 1.9.8!
As part of this release, we’ve implemented more than 150 updates, including making it easy to configure
how content is presented in Navigo, Voyager’s modern web app; extending
your ability to search for
spatial content; and improving the usability of Navigo’s processing tools.

See the Release Notes for details!


Information Overload

"Enterprise content is growing by 80 percent every year. This overloads knowledge workers who may duplicate resources or make bad decisions without all of the information they need."
—IDC, "The High Cost of Not Finding Information"

What do I have?

A Fortune 500 CTO estimated an annual cost of $10,000 per terabyte for data management. Storing duplicate or unused data is expensive. With Voyager, discover what you have, then clean it up.

Where's my data?

Access to information separates the winners from the losers in today's knowledge-based economy. Use Voyager's best-of-breed search engine (Solr/Lucene) for a single point of search across the enterprise. No custom code required.

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How can I get it?

Once content is found, do something with it. Voyager's processing tools download a document, or transform it, or open it in the web mapping application of your choice. Find the answer and use it.


With Voyager Search, you will


Management tools make it easy to get content into Solr/Lucene, no coding needed. Connect to file servers, databases, other search engines, document management systems, and the web.


Index more than 1800+ types of content from geospatial to multimedia. Enhance non-spatial content with geotagging; append custom fields to enrich your metadata; generate thumbnails to help users see what they're getting.


Find spatial and non-spatial content using the robust Navigo user interface. Zero custom code required; supports spatial and keyword search, filters, saved searches, tagging and even more.


Use all the data you find. Download it; transform it; view it on a map. Integrates with many third-party tools. If you can't find what you want, extend and customize our tools.


Your data is secure. Display results that match user permissions. Integrate with enterprise security and single sign-on.


Features Overview

Simple to use, install

Zero custom code, up and running in hours. Avoid costly custom development. No added cost to maintain and upgrade. Out-of-the-box admin and user interfaces make Solr/Lucene accessible, easy to use.


Deeply geospatial

Index, find and use complex geospatial files. Append non-spatial documents with geospatial context to view search results in new ways.


Find and fix errors

Find out exactly what you have and where it is. Stop storing duplicate data. Fix broken links. Clean up metadata. And when it's polished, share it with everyone.


Good Decisions Require the Right Information

From delivering data to public portals to managing complex map files to helping knowledge workers collaborate effectively from office to office around the globe, Voyager delivers the right information.

Government, global businesses, public utilities, oil and gas companies and many more enterprises rely on Voyager’s fast and flexible search engine; an interface that doesn’t require GIS expertise; the power to maintain and clean-up data; and the ability to find and use more than 1800+ different file formats.

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The Voyager Search story and Brian Goldin, partner and co-founder, are featured in CIO Review magazine.

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