How to Buy

Pricing for small groups and large organizations

Voyager pricing and licenses are primarily based on the number of concurrent users. No matter which version you license, you’ll have the power and speed you need for enterprise search, without added costs for custom programming, additional hardware or ongoing maintenance.

For blocks of five users – Voyager Server

Voyager Server is the basic server license, priced per block of five users, for indexing data and sharing it with a small group. It supports any of the Server Pro options as extensions. The included Desktop Pro licenses make Voyager accessible on the desktop.

Unlimited users in an enterprise – Voyager Server Pro

The Voyager Server Pro license is geared to enterprise customers—it gives an unlimited number of people access to the index. The data manager can also index an unlimited number of files. Enterprise security for integration with Window Authentication and LDAP is built in. Users can link multiple indices to bring back a unified, relevant set of search results.


Extensions deliver customization by adding specific features and capabilities to your Voyager license.

  • Additional Concurrent Users
  • Enterprise Authentication
  • Processing Framework
  • Federated Search
  • Voyager Widget for ArcGIS Portal
  • Document Management System Integration
  • GeoTagging
  • ArcMap Toolbar

Contact us to learn more about customizing Voyager with extensions

Of course, you may want to try Voyager before you buy. Our demos show how Voyager works with live data. Or you can download a two-week trial to test with your own data.

Get Started

Or contact us with any questions, or to schedule a personal demonstration:

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