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Let's face it, search is the killer app — but building a search engine can be a killer. The Open Source APIs might as well require you to have PhD in search. Commercial search products carry price tags and development timelines that are out of reach for most organizations. But at Voyager, we make search simple. We believe that every organization should be able to take advantage of best-of-breed search, be able to find all of their content and be able to do it without breaking the bank. 

The Voyager team knows search, so you don't have to. We have worked hard to provide customers large and small with tools that allow them to build a search engine without writing a single line of code. But also give developers who do need a custom front end a leg up to avoid having to know everything about Lucene/Solr to do it.

Here are some examples of what our customers are doing:

Voyager for government

  • Government agencies provide their staff and public with access to the geospatial data they need
  • Data managers find and manage all of the content across the organization wherever it resides through a single interface 
  • Local government give contractors, builders, planners and residents the ability to download, clip and transform the content they need allowing their staff to do other real work
  • Police departments manage and share all of their video content without having to build a custom application
  • Health departments share their restaurant health ratings with consumer websites like Yelp

Voyager for business 

  • Multinational companies share content between offices and stove-piped systems without having to migrate the content into a single location
  • Users tag content they find the most valuable and create time-saving persistent searches so they can get right to the content they need
  • Data stewards delete duplicate or outdated content and update metadata one-by-one or en masse
  • Organizations leverage their own security infrastructure to make sure that users see only what they are supposed to see 
  • Administrators add location to documents with place names to give office workers a new way to search and link related items

Voyager for developers 

  • Developers get up and running with Lucene without the steep Lucene/Solr learning curve
  • Developers use Voyager's out-of-the-box connectors to ingest content into Lucene
  • Developers customize the presentation of content and test it in Voyager's own UI to super-charge development custom front ends
  • Developers augment, transform and normalize metadata using Voyager's indexing pipeline to streamline filtering and clean up the presentation of disparate data sources
  • Developers test out their queries and debug the system using the Voyager Classic UI
  • Developers customize the Open Source Navigo UI


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