Bring power and speed to geospatial intelligence searches

Voyager is an all-in-one, Solr/Lucene answer to enterprise search. Navigo is the easy-to-use interface for search, data management, document delivery and map visualization. Quickly find and present geospatial content, documents, data and files. Add spatial context to and index any of the 1800+ file formats we support.

Install in minutes

Voyager is a true off-the-shelf geospatial intelligence and search powerhouse. Zero custom code is required so that you can be up and running in hours. There is no added cost to maintain and upgrade—just download, install, and start finding and using your data. Simple admin and user interfaces practically eliminate the learning curve, and make everyday use easy.

Extend your reach

Easily link together spatial content with non-spatial document management systems. Our connector framework makes it fast and simple. Geotag existing data to enrich information and map it.

Discover anything, anywhere

Read complex geospatial files, databases, documents, non-spatial formats and so much more—with or without metadata. Discover data wherever it resides—desktop, server, FTP site, document management systems or the web.

Find what you need

How much data do you have? Where is it? Can you organize and use it? Our geospatial intelligence software finds, indexes and delivers data in multiple file formats, no matter where it resides. No more data hoarding!

Transform your data

Voyager transforms and cleans up your data during indexing. Duplicate documents are eliminated, and broken links are fixed.

One search of all sources

Eliminate multiple searches of different sources—web, databases, and intranet. Voyager’s single search links indexes together to enrich results and simplify the user experience. Explore multiple indexes with a single query to access more data more efficiently than ever before. When Voyager is installed at multiple locations and indexes are linked, one search finds it all.

Publish your content

Easily publish map services to ArcGIS Online. Navigo delivers a consumer friendly interface to help people find what they need. Immediately preview search results through thumbnails. Quickly use your selected items in a range of applications.

Use your results

Use search results in daily tasks such as adding data to ArcMap, extracting data to share with colleagues, using data in the field, editing metadata, converting search results to KML, and more! Voyager is easily customizable if needed, and can also be used right out of the box.

Fits existing workflows

No custom code required. No additional hardware, no moving data. Organizations simply install Voyager, point it to their content and then build an index automatically. Deliver content through existing data distribution and security infrastructure.

Tired of wasting time, money, and effort searching for data that you know is out there—but can't access?

It's time to implement Voyager, the powerful geospatial intelligence tool with comprehensive search capabilities and the speed and interface you'd expect from consumer search.

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