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Voyager is the simple answer to finding and using complex data, no matter where it is.

People are organized in different ways. Diverse roles require access to specific data. Offices around the globe need current information. Content is not only growing every year, it’s being stored on desktops, on in-house servers, in the cloud or in data or content management systems. It’s a tangle to challenge any organization.

Voyager is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box, enterprise search solution to access a vast range of content from almost any source. It’s open and scalable, but with advanced security. Built on industry standards Solr/Lucene, Voyager has taught Lucene to understand, use and present geospatial content.

Voyager is effective as a single license where it can index and deliver results for a handful of users. And it supports massive deployments with billions of records in the index and thousands of users.


Take Voyager out of the box and point it wherever data exists

Voyager connects to data from desktops, servers or drive enabled networks; to web services from Catalog Web Services to ArcGIS Services; to file servers and rows in databases. And Voyager can link together separate Voyager instances to provide a single relevant search results set.



Index more than 1800+ different file formats

By creating a reference catalog rather than a storage system, content stays where it is so existing systems and workflows remain. No costly migration or storage is required. Voyager is the only enterprise search system that knows and maintains complex geospatial data.



Find and fix errors, transform and enhance data

When data is indexed, documents with broken links or duplicates are found. When duplicates are removed from the index or deleted, costs are reduced. If metadata is incomplete or inaccurate, Voyager can update metadata records. Files can be geotagged or custom fields added.



Content can be searched, sorted and explored in many ways

Once indexed, a single request delivers unified results from multiple sources or from multiple linked indexes in different locations. The easy-to-use search interface supports keyword and spatial searching, filtering and sorting. It’s incredibly fast — even when items indexed grow to many millions.



Access the index to search and share

Voyager has workflows to support both data managers and end users. Use Voyager to find and promote authoritative content or deliver processes to migrate data from tucked away systems. Find, use and share data with anyone in the organization without specialized software.



Once content is found, do something with it

Create saved searches, customize data presentation and reports. Add synonym libraries to extend keyword search. Open and use content in an external application, or open map services for deeper analysis. The open and scalable framework gives users access to custom applications, too.



Security supports user groups to control usage

Not everyone should have access to every item in the index or every tool in the toolbox. Access allowed to your users is protected by a role-based security system. In addition to its own security provider, Voyager integrates with both Windows authentication and LDAP.


Try Voyager. You’ll be impressed.

Of course, you may want to try Voyager before you buy. Our demos show how Voyager works with live data. Or you can download a two-week trial to test with your own data.

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