Voyager Version 1.9.7

Voyager for the People

At Voyager, we’ve always been focused on bringing you making the amazing technology that is Solr/Lucene accessible outside of the developer community. And this release is no exception. We’ve improved security; extended the formats Voyager indexes; added processing tasks. We’ve done a lot to improve the usability so that administrators can better manage their index locations and understand all of the options for adding content to the index. GIS users will be excited to learn about how they can create thumbnails that show their geometry and show heat maps of every search query with even better performance than before.

Our official release notes and the related help articles will bring you up to speed and get you started with the exploration. (Go to the customer portal and login using your email address associated and personal password to upgrade your existing software or download a free trial if you are new.)

But if there is one thing we really don’t want you to miss, it’s the Community Extension. Voyager’s Community Extension will ensure that your users see the best content you have and that you collect their feedback about it, too.

Top 5 Ways to Use the Community Extension

  1. Add Featured Content to your home page. Administrators can select items to feature on the Navigo homepage so that users don’t miss the latest updates or a some undiscovered gem. Configuration only takes a minute. Give Configure Navigo’s Homepage a try.
  2. Don’t make user groups wade through millions of records, Subject Matter Experts can create Saved Searches that are specific to their community and then make them available on the homepage as a Collection, but you can call it “Quick Links” or whatever you like. Learn more about Collections.
  3. Ever find documents that are missing a critical metadata fields, but you don’t have access privileges to update the metadata? Now, trusted users can augment any field in the index using the Edit Fields tools. Find a misspelled a place name? Fix it in Navigo. Need to add the copyright information to hundreds of items in the index? Do it with a couple of clicks. Learn more about how to use Edit Fields to clean up what the users see.
  4. Sometimes the best content you have can get buried under the rest, but now it’s easy for trusted users to add a flag that will push their best to the top of the heap. Administrators and other trusted users can give items in the index a label like FEATURE OF THE DAY or HIGHLIGHTS. Doing so automatically boosts those results to the top of any search queries they match. Learn to give items a boost.
  5. Complete the feedback loop by letting your users tag content themselves and then find it again by exposing those tags as one of your search filters. Find out how to start tagging.

Once you’ve gotten started, let us know how it’s going and share tips for others in our community on our Voyager Facebook page and if you have any problems, our support team is here to help.


Bon Voyager!

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