Esri GeoConX 2017

September 5 - 8, 2017


Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Esri Investment
Visit Us At Booth 210

GIS solutions are incredibly valuable, but they’re worthless without the right data. Voyager Search, the leader in building geospatial, enterprise search solutions, empowers GIS users to make the most of their investment in Esri technology and spatial data.

Our massively scalable solutions offer local, national and multinational organizations as well as Fortune 500 businesses and government entities easy-to-use search, data management, document delivery, and map visualization capabilities.


  • Integrates with all of Esri’s products
  • Provides a single point of search across your Esri enterprise on premise and cloud investments
  • Search all of your Esri content — 2,000+ different types of files, web services and structured data
  • Search all of your Esri systems — ArcGIS, Portal, ArcSDE, and dozens more

No custom code required, no change in workflow, no costly migration of data.

Visit Voyager Search at the 2017 Esri GeoConX Conference: Booth 210

Together, Voyager Search and Esri provide a synergistic solution for enterprise search and spatial analysis. Easily and efficiently find, use, and manage all of your organization’s content.

Come learn more about our spatially enabled enterprise search solution and what it can do for your organization. Meet our newest team member, Director of Sales Carol Gilmartin, as well as our CEO and founder, Brian Goldin.

Check Out VoyagerODN to See Voyager in Action.

VoyagerODN, our Open Data Network, provides a single, searchable geospatial catalog of publicly available global content. Built upon Voyager Search technology, VoyagerODN is free for everyone.

With Voyager Search, You Can...

Index Everything
Capable of indexing everything — from vector data, to raster imagery, to LiDAR files, to the rows of shapefiles and geodatabases, to web services and more — Voyager can read and make all of your organization’s content searchable from a single point of search.

Search Efficiently
Search using our intuitive web-based search interface, Navigo, or with the Voyager Search ArcGIS Web App Widget for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS, which provides users with the tools to query all indexed data, view metadata, and add content all from Esri Web App applications. With the Voyager ArcMap Add-In, Esri users can search and access any of their content through the Voyager Toolbar without ever having to leave ArcMap.

Discover & Harmonize
Add spatial context to non-spatial documents; discover relationships; and enrich, append and harmonize your metadata. Voyager software recognizes inherent spatial relationships and allows users to dig deeper into and repurpose ArcMap documents and ArcGIS Online maps, saving time and resources.

Transform & Deliver
Integrates with Esri’s geoprocessing environment, allowing users to run tasks on their indexed content within Navigo. Convert and clip data, fix or replace broken data sources and run analytical models. Written in Python, Voyager’s processing framework is extensible and can be customized to fit your needs, expanding upon Esri’s geoprocessing toolkit.


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