Voyager Search at the 2019 Esri Partner
Conference and Developer Summit

March 2nd-8th
Palm Springs, CA

CEO Brian Goldin along with COO Kris Goodfellow and Director of Professional Services Alex Bostic will be in Palm Springs for the Esri Partner Conference. Jason Pardy, one of our software developers, will be joining the rest of the team later in week for the Esri Developer Summit.

They’ve got some exciting things to share, including our newest product and release, Vose. Vose has been built from the ground up to help customers large and small with their enterprise search needs.

GIS solutions are incredibly valuable, but are worthless without the right data. Voyager Search empowers GIS users to make the most of their investment in Esri technology and spatial data.

Vose offers geospatial professionals with an incredibly robust, highly scalable search solution that understands spatial data natively. No more frustrating searches, no more duplicating data. Find what you need, when you need it and get back to doing what you do best, fast.

Interested in learning more now? You can check out VoyagerODN, our open data network. Built on Voyager Search technology, ODN offers a single point of search across some 20+ million pieces of publicly available geospatial content. And, it’s free for everyone.

Or, be sure to swing by booth 132 in Palm Springs to learn more about our solutions and get a personalized demo.

We’ll be live tweeting at the event at @voyagersearch.


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Meet us at 2019 Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit

<span class='center'><strong>Brian Goldin</strong>
<br />CEO</span>
Brian Goldin
<span class='center'><strong>Kris Goodfellow</strong>
<br />Chief Operating Officer</span>
Kris Goodfellow
Chief Operating Officer
<span class='center'><strong>Alex Bostic</strong>
<br />Director of Professional Services</span>
Alex Bostic
Director of Professional Services
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