Custom functionality and performance

Extend Voyager Server with added features and capabilities and tailor your search solution to fit your needs.

Enterprise Security

Searchable and secure

Everyone in your organization can find everything you have, anywhere it is – unless you don’t want them to. Secure your organization’s data using Windows Active Directory or LDAP as well as single sign-on. Administrators have detailed control over user roles, so data remains accessible and safe.

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  • Role based security
  • Integration with Windows Authentication
  • Integration with LDAP
  • Single sign-on
  • Options to restrict access to certain data or based on query
  • ACL access controls passed down to Voyager end users
  • Automatic logout

Comes standard with Server Pro
Can be added to Server Basic



Data delivery and transformation tools

Once users find what they want, they usually want to do something with it. Those tasks will differ depending on the type of content and the user. Voyager allows users to take action on the content that they have discovered with the Geoprocessing Extension. Users can manage, transform and deliver content with an easy-to-use task management wizard.

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  • Clip data
  • Convert to KML
  • Create a map or layer package
  • Create a GeoPDF
  • Export results list
  • Zip files
  • Add to a geodatabase
  • Publish to portal for ArcGIS
  • Publish to ArcGIS server
  • Build raster pyramids
  • Mosaic to workspace

Comes standard with Server Pro
Can be added to Server Basic



Bring the Best Content Forward

Developed to empower non-admin users who know the content best to make the best content most accessible.

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  • Tag content to gather community feedback and gain insight into quality and interest of any given item
  • Promote featured content through flagging
  • Field editing allows updates or extends an item’s presentation in Navigo without changing source data

Comes standard with Server Pro
Can be added to Server Basic



Access your data while using third party tools

Enables users to search and retrieve indexed data while utilizing a web map application.

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  • Deployed using the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder (Developer Edition)
  • Map-based, place name, and keyword search tools and filters just like in Navigo or the ArcMap add-in
  • Find content and add to your web map application
  • Allows users that require a fit-for-purpose web mapping application to utilize the ubiquitous search and discovery capabilities Voyager provides

Comes standard with Server Pro
Can be added to Server Basic


Content Management System (CMS) Connector

Easily connect to and make searchable any information stored in remote systems, including SharePoint and Documentum.

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  • Index records from your organization’s Content Management System
  • Index files and related metadata from remote CMS
  • Customize the mappings between fields in CMS entries and Voyager’s index
  • Harmonize the relevancy of a Sharepoint search with that of your other search engines
  • Channel different CMS content to different Voyager Search indexes
  • Respect CMS access-control lists

Can be added to either Server Pro or Server Basic



Give non-spatial content some where

Voyager can geo-tag non-spatial documents so that they can be linked to spatial documents or simply be available in a location-based search.

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Users can:

  • Spatially enable any text
  • Geotag against 15 million+ place names
  • Filter by place name
  • Spatially enable RSS feeds
  • Create a custom gazetteer to geotag against your spatial data
  • Use a custom gazetteer in Placefinder
  • Link reports to GIS data
  • Extract coordinates
  • Write locations to metadata

Sold as extension to Pro and Basic with Professional Services


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