No Developer Required

Configure not only what you index and how it is indexed, but how the application looks and who sees what without writing a single line of code.

Complete, Customizable UI

The only enterprise search solution that comes with a robust and configurable user interface, Navigo. Learn more about Navigo here.

Best-of-Breed Search Technology

With Solr/Lucene under the hood, Voyager delivers super fast results, keyword and wildcard searches across all content and autocomplete; is it Cincinanti - or Cincinnati?

Geospatial Search

Specializes in spatial search and understanding, offering advanced map-based or place name search tools.

Content Indexed in the Cloud or Locally

Index content in S3 or on a file system, database, content management system and more.

Harmonize and Enrich Your Content

Our Indexing Pipeline gives administrators the power to augment, transform and normalize metadata and content across their organization, resulting in better, more accurate search returns in Navigo.

Extends to Your Needs

Built on open standards that allow developers to get a leg up using our out-of-the-box tools while retaining the ability to roll their own app. Our Processing Framework and Indexing Pipeline are written entirely in Python and can be customized or extended to fit your needs.

Link Multiple Indices Together

Our Federated Search extension connects multiple Voyager indices so you can access content regardless of where it exists physically.

Geotag Your Content

Our Geotagging Extension gives users the ability to add spatial context to non-spatial content, allowing traditionally non-spatial content to be linked to spatial content or available in location-based searches. Learn more about how customers use our Geotagging Extension here.

Streamline Data Management and Content Delivery

Our Content Distiller Extension allows administrators to augment, transform and harmonize all of the content indexed. Voyager makes it easy to remove duplicates, fix broken links and update metadata, reducing your organization’s storage costs and ensuring the right content can be found during search.

Keep Your Content Secure

Voyager’s internal security allows administrators to control user access, add and remove users, track user sessions and offers automatic logout. Our Enterprise Security Extension integrates with Windows Authentication, LDAP and provides single sign-on.

Learn more about How It Works, Our Products, Voyager’s Extensions, or how some of our customers use Voyager.

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