Voyager Search: Your Google Search Appliance Alternative

Out-of-the-box and customizable.
Easy-to-use and powerful

Smart Spatial Search for your enterprise.

Our off-the-shelf cognitive search platform combines best-of-breed search and spatial technologies into one intuitive search solution. With no custom code required, no costly migration of data and no change in workflow. Voyager Search offers GSA customers a robust solution to their enterprise search needs.

Consumer-level search with a spatial twist

Location-based data is becoming increasingly important in the data landscape. Organizations that utilize spatial data deserve a search solution that understands it.

Voyager Search Differentiators

What makes Voyager Search different? Beyond our ability to read and understand spatial data, Voyager offers GSA customers a number of advantages, including:

    Built on best-of-breed open source technology, Apache Lucene and Solr. The same technology behind Amazon, Kayak, Twitter, Netflix, Evernote, Apple and so much more.
    Built-in cognitive search capabilities that are tunable to your data.
    Built-in content delivery system.
    Cloud and on-premise architecture options. 
    Extensible by developers and Smart Search adaptable for analysts. 
    Fits into existing enterprise IT infrastructure. 
    Fully accredited for deployment in classified environments. 

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