Introducing Vose
The Future of Smart Spatial Search

Vose is the newest addition to, and next evolution of, the Voyager Search product line. Vose builds on our previous experience to deliver a decentralized, highly scalable solution that has been designed from the ground up to meet the high-speed and high-volume search solutions that our customers rely on. Featuring two entirely new applications, more Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, the Flex Index to support large-scale deployments and all of the capabilities in the existing Voyager Server licenses, Vose has been developed to allow customers to index more data and to do it faster. By separating resource-intensive processes, deployments at scale have become far more efficient.

The most exciting aspect of Vose is the massively scalable Flex Index, which comes with built-in failover and replication and is capable of handling thousands of simultaneous requests. It’s resilient and can flex to include as many documents as you need. Indexing is handled by Agents, our new remote workers, which let you easily scale up your indexing capacity. Adding more Agents to your solution is easy and, since they’re deployed close to your content, they allow you to take your indexing speeds to new levels. They ingest your content, enrich it, and then send it off to the Flex Index. Agents are managed by HQ, our new headquarters for managing discovery.

HQ offers an expanded set of highly extensible, newly crafted and updated connectors as well as a more streamlined experience for managing and enriching your content. Our new and updated connectors make connecting and extracting content across your organization easy (no extensions required) and, if a custom connector is needed, it can easily be added to your Vose deployment.

We’ve rearchitected our pipeline, too. We’ve upgraded and streamlined the entire process of enriching, transforming, and harmonizing your content. Vose users can now add various pipeline steps to any stage of their indexing process. We’ve even made it easier to add custom pipeline steps to your Vose deployment so tailoring your solution to fit your needs is easier than ever.

Navigo, our end user interface, and Voyager Analytics, our interactive graphing and charting tools, have also gotten updates. New features, such as the ability to rate content, an optional taxonomy display, improved tools management, a streamlined search bar and a new summary search results display, allow end users to more easily discover the data they need. And, Analytics now provides administrators with new options for tracking users in Navigo as well as the ability to integrate with Salesforce’s Pardot Tracking, Google Analytics, and Matomo.

Machine Learning and AI provide a smarter, more efficient search experience so your users can more easily find what they need, when they need it. Users may even find results that they didn’t even know that they needed! How does this work? Entity extraction pulls out key terms from your content and groups related items in taxonomies, filters, or geotags. Our new Query Expansion feature broadens returns on your search results so you don’t miss out on anything. Find Similar brings back content related to your search so you can more easily find what you need and Did You Mean helps with that tricky spelling — is it Cincinnati or Cincinnatti? Query Suggestion, or as-you-type autocomplete, reduces the amount of typing a user needs to do and helps develop the best search by suggesting queries that will provide the most relevant results. The best part? All of these features can be tuned to your content so results are as relevant as possible every single time.

Vose includes all of this as well as the features of all of our extensions and Voyager Server Pro. It’s smart spatial search, simplified.

We’ve updated our pricing, too. We’ve devised a straightforward subscription pricing model that’s based on your specific needs so getting started with your Vose deployment is as easy as can be.

Simply put, Vose is Voyager Search evolved.

We look forward to sharing this new and exciting product with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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