Kris Goodfellow


As COO, Goodfellow is responsible for not only managing the operations of the company, she also works closely with the product development, marketing, and professional services teams to ensure they have the support they need in order to meet their goals – while always keeping Voyager’s customers top of mind.

Goodfellow has implemented a series of processes and systems that today are crucial to the company’s overall success. From on-site customer visits to supervising the website redesign to hiring developers and everything in between, her hands on approach has been instrumental to Voyager quadrupling its size since she joined in 2013.

She began her career in 1992 working as a reporter and graphics editor at the Chicago Tribune, and in 1995 she joined The New York Times, where she worked in a similar capacity. She then became the Graphics Director for the Associated Press in 1999.

At the AP her staff was responsible for creating maps for about 2,000 of its customers worldwide, a task that proved quite burdensome, so she started to explore technological solutions that would allow her to reduce the time from conception to delivery. The result was a partnership between Esri, the GIS software giant, and the AP, called Map Studio. Map Studio was a SaaS product that graphics departments around the country used to create custom maps faster than ever before possible. With its inception, Goodfellow found a new career path that allowed her to use her design skills, interest in technology, and business acumen — Product Manager.

In 2001 she went to work for Esri, where her responsibilities included marketing and product management for Map Studio. She then left Esri in 2006 to head up product management at a real estate start up called Cyberhomes, which provided home search and valuations. In 2009 Cyberhomes was acquired by the National Association for Realtors and Goodfellow became the Vice President of Product, transitioning the technology into a closed site for Realtors.

Goodfellow holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She lives in Redlands, California, with her husband and son, where she enjoys getting out in the beautiful weather as much as possible to run, hike, ski, surf, or sail.

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