Introducing Navigo

Ready-to-use out of the box

Search Made Simple

Users will find all of the features they’ve come to expect from modern search and much, much more.

Our complete, intuitive UI can be modified to fit your needs; providing an easy-to-use, navigable administrative and search experience.

Still haven’t found what you're looking for?

At Voyager, we know that when you can easily find what you need,
it makes the difference between a quick win and wrong turn.
Enterprise search solutions have been complicated to build. They’ve required a
big up-front investment before you could see your content. They’ve demanded
data migration; changes to workflows; hiring specialized developers; and the
on-going headache of maintaining custom code.
On top of it all, nothing could find geospatial content, much less manage it.
Until now.

Introducing Navigo

Voyager Navigo Features

Keyword Search

Full-text search of documents from the headline to the story to the list of layer names in a map document.

Spatial Search

Click and drag a box across the map or enter in a place name to find content related to a specific area.


Administrative tools will allow you to quickly configure the filters users will need to drill into the content they want.


Search Helpers

Voyager handles wild-card searches, suggests search terms as users type and asks if they meant something else if there is a mispelling.

Preview Images

Voyager creates preview images of everything that it indexes to help users find their content. Users can also preview web services on a map.

Saved Searches

Users can create their own saved searches to get to what they need quickly. Administrators can also create saved searches for specific user groups.



Users can tag content and use those tags for fast filtering of content.

Promoting Featured Content

Administrators can promote featured items. Promoted records get a visual indicator and are boosted in relevancy.


Integration with existing security models means that Voyager only displays results matching each users permissions.


Universal Search

Search across satellite instances of Voyager so that users can effectively search everything, everywhere with a single query.

Mobile Accessible

Navigo responds to mobile and tablet viewing environments using fluid, flexible design.


Voyager is built on Solr/Lucene, the highly reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant search engine that powers everything from Amazon to Twitter.


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