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Voyager Professional Services

Providing a range of services from training you on how to the get most from Voyager, to building a custom implementation - and everything in between.

While Voyager is easy to install and get started, there is a lot that you can do with the software and there are many complexities around integrating, configuring and tuning the software into enterprise deployments that can present unique challenges. Our best practices can help you get up and running quickly.

Voyager Support Packages

Gold Support

Included as a part of the Voyager Software Maintenance Program and geared towards standard non-mission critical deployments, Gold Support provides 1:1 support to your team and access to thousands of articles in our help system.

Premium Support

An addition to the Gold Support, Premium elevates response times and resolution support with 1:1 support to your team and access to our help system. Geared towards enterprises with mission critical deployment and more complex implementations.

Professional Services

Voyager Kick Start

A free introduction to get your team ready to implement Voyager with recommendations and feedback from our experts.

On-site Training

Introduces users and administrators to key Voyager concepts, helping your team get up and running quickly and effectively.

Voyager Pilot

Accelerate your understanding of Voyager’s capabilities via hands-on activities guided by Voyager experts. We’ll get you started with a working demo and give you the tools necessary for the next steps of your implementation.

Voyager Advanced Pilot

The Advanced Pilot is designed to fit your needs. Want to learn about Voyager’s more complex or customizable capabilities? Meet with our system architects and developers to review your specific goals and design an implemen tation that best fits your needs.

Custom Pilot

Our team will develop a representative proof of concept based on agreed upon goals. These projects are designed to provide you with a mini version of a full blown system.

Architecture and Design Review

A five-day package aimed at getting the most out of your implementation. Our senior engineers will review your requirements, discover the strengths and weaknesses of your solution, and answer any questions you might have.

From Pilot to Production

Your testing phase is coming to an end and you’re ready to move forward with implementation. Our team will be on-site to help setup and configure your production instances, migrate your indexes if needed, configure Navigo and security. Your system will be up and running and ready for your administrators and user community to use.

Scale Up and Out

Time to scale up and harden your system after the pilot is live? We’ll review your infrastructure and make sure that it is deployed for high availability. This package is for those getting ready to run Voyager in a large environment, possibly with parallel clusters or for those looking to squeeze more performance from their existing infrastructure.

Voyager Custom Solutions

Take advantage of the best application development practices with the advice and support from a Voyager mentor. We will start by reviewing your goals and application architecture to ensure that you are making the most of Voyager’s capabilities.

Technical Account Management Plan

Ideally suited for large and multifaceted implementations, this service allows you to embed one of our senior team members into your project. A senior architect from Voyager will develop an intimate understanding of your mission and business needs, and will provide on-going advice and hands on support around architecture, development and operations.

Professional Support Packages are optional additions to our Voyager Software and Support subscriptions.

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