Configuring Scheduling and Triggers

Kris Goodfellow -

You can schedule Voyager to run some tasks at specified times. This is especially useful in keeping the index updated when new locations are added or the existing content changes.

You can schedule the following tasks:

  • Scan a location
  • Rebuild the index
  • Scan all locations
  • Enable Discovery
  • Disable Discovery
  • Backup the index
  • Clear Log files
  • Clear temporary files

When you schedule a task, you select when it will start with a Trigger. Triggers can be time-based values such as hourly or daily, or can be based on events such as Voyager starting up or Indexing documents. When the conditions for a Trigger are met, the selected task will begin.

You can add new Triggers or configure an existing Trigger.

Adding a New Trigger

To add a new Trigger:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Schedule
  2. Select a schedule interval from the Add Trigger section

  3. Choose from Time of Day, a regular time interval, advanced timing using Cron or choose an event (Voyager Started or Documents Indexed)
  4. Click Add Trigger to add the Trigger to the list of configured Triggers
  5. To assign a task to the new Trigger, click Manage
  6. Follow the steps below to configure the Trigger

Configuring an Existing Trigger

To configure an existing Trigger:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Schedule

  2.  Click Manage for the Trigger you want to modify

  3.  You can Add a Task or remove an existing Task, or you can Click Remove to delete the Trigger completely
  4. Click Close when you are done modifying the Trigger