Search Faster and Easier: Voyager Now Includes Query Suggestions, Query Expansion and Did You Mean Features

Our mission has always been to help people more easily find and share the important work that they’re doing. In support of that mission, we’ve recently added Query Suggestion, Query Expansion and Did You Mean to Voyager’s core functionalities. With these features, users are now able to more efficiently and effectively find the information that they need. Query Suggestion, which can also be described as as-you-type autocomplete, not only reduces the amount of typing a user needs to do to begin a search, but it also helps users develop the best search by suggesting queries that will provide the most relevant results. Query Expansion provides users with a more robust search experience by allowing them to add related terms to their search query. And, with Did You Mean, misspellings will no longer hinder a user’s search experience by providing spell check for keywords entered into a search. With the ability to tune each of these features to your indexed content, Voyager users are now able to more easily find what they need, when they need it.

Query Expansion provides Voyager with the ability to suggest terms as you type. The fields used for these suggestions are configurable and even custom fields can be used for suggestions.

As you type out your query, Voyager displays the most relevant query suggestions, which you can easily use to autofill your search query.

In addition to query suggestions, Did You Mean allows Voyager to now spot potential misspellings and suggest corrections based on the indexed content.

Query Expansion broadens your queries in order to suggest more robust results. If your search is executed with the Enhanced toggle selected, Voyager will add Expanded Query Terms to your query. If some terms are suggested that don’t interest you, you can remove them individually.

You can configure Did You Mean and Query Term suggestions via the Manage UI under Index -> Query Settings -> Query Suggestions.

In the Query Suggestions page, you can enable Query Suggestions and Query Spellcheck.

Query Spellcheck refers to the Did You Mean functionality. Query Suggestions refers to the term suggestions functionality. You can also add or remove fields to use for the Suggestion dictionaries.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can provide valuable insights about data. Information uncovered by NLP can be used as suggestions. For example, if you want to offer query suggestions based on the companies and organizations within your indexed content that is found by NLP, you can easily add those fields to the dictionary.

Once you build the dictionary (by clicking the build link), query suggestions based on companies and organizations found by NLP will be available to people searching for content.

To learn more about Query Suggestions, Query Expansion, and Did You Mean visit our Help System.

Have questions or concerns? Feel free to drop us a line.

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