Gaining this type of access to the data was helpful for the GIS team, AND opening up search capabilities to anyone within the organization was like hitting a pot of gold.

Paul Morrison, Chaparral Energy

VoyagerODN even returned results from portals that we hadn’t thought of. Results from FAO Geonetwork, a portal that is typically more difficult to search and navigate, came back using VoyagerODN, saving us both time and effort.

Aurelie Shapiro, World Wide Fund for Nature

Without Voyager, we would have spent months building a custom solution that would require ongoing manual maintenance. Because Voyager is easily repurposed for other needs, we are always looking for new ways to make our data more accessible and discoverable for users.

John Houweling, Regional Municipality of York

Often, our students spend tremendous amounts of time in the ‘hunting and gathering’ phase of a GIS research project, but VoyagerODN changes that. This new technology streamlines the search process, enabling both our students and faculty to focus on more productive work.

Jon Caris, Director Spatial Analysis Lab at Smith College
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