Visualizing an ArcGIS Geodatabase

Using Voyager Analytics, we can quickly visualize almost any datasource, including Geodatabases (gdb) files. Let’s jump right in and check it out!

First, we need to Discover our Geodatabase in Voyager.

In the Manage UI, select New Location from the Locations page under the Discovery tab.

Select Databases (Advanced).

Name your new Location.

A sample Configuration is provided in standard JSON format. Just update the path to your .gdb file.

Your Geodatabase has been Located! Click Scan to Index the data in the database.

Your Geodatabase is now ready to visualize! Let’s add a Chart!

Open Voyager Analytics, select Graphics Library then Add New Item then Chart.

By default we see all the fields from all Locations on the left. Let’s filter these down to show only the fields relevant to our “Wells” Geodatabase Location.

Scroll down to “WELL TYP” and drag it over to Field. Notice we can see the Top 5 well types. You can adjust the Top amount using View on the right.

Add a Title and Description and Save the chart.

Now, let’s create a Dashboard and add our new Chart.

Select Dashboards at the top and click New Dashboard.

Give your Dashboard a Name and Description and click Save.

Now, click Add Graphic then Select from library.

Let’s choose our new “NY Wells” Chart and click OK at the bottom.

Our Chart has been added to our Dashboard!

We can now make more Charts and add them to our Dashboard, creating a powerful visualization of our NY Wells Geodatabase. Check it out!

So, we’ve shown you how you can visualize a Geodatabase. Voyager can Discover many more data sources, including SQL Databases, Sharepoint, File systems, Amazon S3, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Dropbox, ArcGIS Online, etc. These are just a few data sources you can index and visualize. And, if we don’t have a Connector for your datasource, you can also easily add custom Locations and visualize whatever you want!

Interested in learning more about creating charts in Voyager Analytics? Visit Voyager Help. Have feedback or comments? Feel free to contact us.

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