Highly scalable discovery framework

Enhanced functionality and performance for the ultimate search experience.

What's included?

Vose comes standard with our robust out-of-the-box search solution Voyager Server, all of our Extensions as well as HQ, Agents, the Flex Index and licenses for related development and staging environments.

Voyager Server

Our easy-to-use Smart Search solution that includes Navigo, Manage UI, and Analytics

Voyager Server


Our new headquarters for managing discovery. HQ offers an expanded set of connectors, a more streamlined experience for managing and enriching your content, and the massively scalable Flex Index.


Remote workers that scale up your indexing capacity. Managed by HQ, distributed Agents work to create your index and then move it to the Flex Index.

Flex Index

Centrally managed by HQ, the Flex Index can flex to include billions of documents, comes with built-in failover and replication and has the ability to handle thousands of simultaneous requests.

Vose includes all of the features of Voyager Server 2.0 Pro as well as all of our Extensions and provides:

    Faster indexing through multiple remote indexing agents
    The massively scalable Flex Index
    More connectors giving you the ability to index even more
    More user-friendly management controls (HQ makes everything super easy!)

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