Voyager 1.9.11 Is Here!

About This Release:

Voyager 1.9.11 is here! One of the key new features of this iteration is our Query Expansion. Query Expansion works by finding and including terms that are similar to the keyword(s) entered by a user during a search query, resulting in returns of additional relevant content.

Query Expansion is a quick way to broaden your search and to explore your organization’s data in new ways. And, it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply click the toggle in the search box and let Voyager do the rest. Experiment with keywords and see what turns up. You may be surprised at what you discover!

Voyager’s Query Expansion is disabled by default, but can be easily enabled either on the Homepage or Search Results page.

  1. Click the toggle in the search box on the homepage before searching, OR

  2. Enter your search keyword(s) in the What are you looking for? box and press Return or Click the Search icon. For example, if you enter water and click Search, you might see the additional terms shown below

Read more about Query Expansion and how it all works here in our Help Section.

Head over to the Community Portal to download 1.9.11 now.

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