Voyager Adds Internationalization and Localization to Core Functionalities

Since 2008, Voyager Search has helped customers around the world with our Smart Spatial Search solutions. In support of this growth, we have worked to add internationalization and localization functionalities to our software and are proud to now offer this as a core piece of our enterprise search solutions. Based on the region in which it is being accessed, Voyager will now selectively be displayed in the appropriate language. Currently, Voyager supports Spanish, French, and Chinese. Additional support is on the way for German, Swedish, Malay, and Arabic.

We strive to make our software as intuitive and functional as possible for a wide range of users. We believe that adding internationalization and localization functionalities is a critical, logical step in making our family of products easy to use for all.

Voyager HQ being displayed in Chinese

Voyager HQ being displayed in Chinese

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