Voyager Search Provides Entire Chaparral Energy Staff with Access to Search Capabilities, Making Company's Data Management More Efficient and Effective

Partnership Enables Chaparral Energy To Scan, Index, and Make Searchable Over Five Million Files

REDLANDS, CA and OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – DECEMBER 18, 2017 – Voyager Search™, a global leader in building spatially enabled enterprise search solutions, announced today the availability of its latest case study on oil and gas customer Chaparral Energy’s usage of Voyager™ software. As an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Chaparral Energy has potential total production reserves of more than 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent, and more than 350,000 net surface acres in the Mid-Continent region. To manage all this oil, the company keeps vast amounts of data. But sometimes with that much information, it’s difficult for companies to keep track of where documents are stored, how long the information has been there, and whether or not the documents employees are using, such as forms and contracts, are current. With Voyager, Chaparral Energy has been able to do all those things – and more.

The Challenge

Like most companies these days, Chaparral Energy had collected huge amounts of data over its 25-plus year history. Data that its employees needed to easily access in order to do their jobs efficiently and successfully. With different people managing that data at different times, storing it in different places, and labeling it under different systems, employees were finding it hard to locate and access the data they needed, when they needed it. This included things like lease files, oil and gas contracts, technical oil and gas files (also known as well files), and geologic documents – all imperative to Chaparral’s business. To get its data in order, the company’s GIS Director, Paul Morrison, began looking for a company that would enable them to confirm how much data Chaparral Energy really had, and then organize, index and make that data searchable.

Help Is On The Way

What Morrison and his team found was Voyager Search. With Voyager’s advanced UI, Navigo, not only did Chaparral Energy’s data become searchable, discoverable, and manageable but, with the help of Voyager Search’s development team, Chaparral Energy’s GIS department was also able to extend the application to search for any file format on shared drives throughout the company’s vast network. Working together, the Voyager and Chaparral teams developed a custom code that took scanned PDF and OCR files and made the text within them searchable, leading to over five million files being scanned, indexed and made easily accessible. Something Morrison had previously thought impossible.

“While gaining this type of access to the data was helpful for the GIS team, opening up search capabilities to anyone within the organization was like hitting a pot of gold,” Morrison noted. “Legal documents, oil and gas contracts. No matter how long you worked there or in which department, you could find the proper documentation and information – instantly.”

“I’m extremely proud that our team was able to help Chaparral Energy in such a tangible, impactful way,” said Voyager CEO, Brian Goldin. “We created our software with exactly this type of customer in mind – someone who needed to get a full handle on their data and implement new ways to manage it. We’re continuously inspired by our customers to add new capabilities to the software and make their lives even easier.”

For more information on Chaparral Energy’s usage of Voyager Search, click here.

About Voyager Search

Voyager Search is a leading global provider of spatially enabled enterprise search solutions that provide a single point of search across all of your content repositories. With Voyager software, users can search, find, and deliver more than 2,000 types of content. Built on top of Solr/Lucene, the world’s premier open source solution, Voyager’s simple user interface, Navigo, offers Fortune 500 businesses, government entities, and multinational organizations easy-to-use search, data management, document delivery, and map visualization capabilities. With no custom coding required, Voyager is a true off-the-shelf geospatial intelligence and search powerhouse that supports customers in a variety of industries, including defense, oil and gas, federal and state governments, and mining. Formed in 2008, the company is headquartered in Redlands, California, with additional staff in Washington State, Washington, DC, Vancouver Island, BC, Europe, and Uruguay. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @VoyagerSearch.

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