Voyager Server Basic

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What You Get

Packaged in blocks of five users, Voyager Server Basic comes standard with our highly intuitive and configurable UI, Navigo, our powerful and extensible processing framework as well as the best-of-breed in search technology. Developed to enable smaller organizations to get the most out of their content, our basic license is customizable and supports any of the extensions that we offer (including additional concurrent users).


Are you an organization with satellite offices
or multiple locations?

Voyager Server Basic can be used as an accessory to a Pro license (or another Basic coupled with our Federated Search extension), enabling organizations to access content repositories that are located elsewhere. Share and search content across the county, state, country or world.

Regardless of which license you choose with Voyager, you’ll get the best of modern search technology in a user-friendly, spatially enabled solution. No custom code required, no costly migration of data, and no change in workflow.


Voyager Server Basic


5 concurrent users
Highly intuitive and configurable UI, Navigo
Best-of-breed, open source search technology (Solr/Lucene)
Super fast keyword, wildcard, map-based and plac e name searches
Search results filters
Enrich, append, harmonize indexed content
Eliminate duplicates
Create reports and export search results
Management controls for configuring the index, UI, security and more
Schedule index updates
Saved Searches
Search within ArcMap using the Voyager add-in

Enhance Voyager Basic

Federated Search

Have offices or branches around the world? No problem! Link multiple instances and search them all with our Federated Search extension.

Enterprise Security

Access to the content indexed and functionality offered to users is protected by our internal security protocols and/or an integration with your enterprise security system.

Processing Distiller

Shipped with tools for data managers to do things like clean up broken paths across multiple documents at once and clip, zip and ship a bundle of data. Can be extended to meet your specific needs.

Community Extension

Provides tools for non-admin users to tag, promote, and edit the presentation of content in the UI.


Content Management System Connector

Link Voyager to your enterprise’s document management system (such as SharePoint) so that all necessary content is searchable.


Geotag non-spatial documents so that they can be linked to spatial documents or simply be discoverable in a location-based search.


Voyager Widget

Access Your Indexed Data While Using Third Party Tools. The Voyager Widget enables users to access the Voyager Index while utilizing a web map application.


Need to add users or functionality?

Scale up your implementation with any of the extensions we offer.

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