VoyagerODN Gives Researchers a Leg Up Like Never Before

Key Takeaways

  • Geospatial data is growing at a record pace.
  • The only way to keep up is through automation.
  • VoyagerODN provides access to millions of free geospatial pieces of content that are traditionally difficult to find.

Every year Voyager Search™ attends the USGIF’s GEOINT Symposium, and it never fails that we come back armed with an even greater understanding – and appreciation – of geospatial search than we ever thought possible. Especially given many of us have been in the geospatial enterprise search industry for well over 20 years.

One of the talks that resonated with me the most this year was by Robert Cardillo, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Overall, his theme was simple: there is no shortage of geospatial data. In fact, it’s growing at a record pace, so the only way to keep up with that growth is through automation.

Here at Voyager Search, we couldn’t agree more. As many of you may have seen, this week we launched VoyagerODN™, our long-awaited single point of search for publicly available data. With VoyagerODN, anyone can gain access to the millions of free, geospatial pieces of content that are traditionally difficult to find. The most exciting part? You don’t have to be a user of Voyager’s software to reap VoyagerODN’s benefits. Entrepreneurs, analysts, hobbyists, researchers – virtually anyone who is looking for specific geospatial data will now have access to a new, free way to locate, and use, that data. Something that we’ve never seen happen before in search.

One such example of just how impactful VoyagerODN will be on a variety of industries, including universities, comes from Jon Caris, Director, Spatial Analysis Lab at Smith College. "Often, our students spend tremendous amounts of time in the ‘hunting and gathering’ phase of a GIS research project, but VoyagerODN is going to change that. This new technology will streamline the search process, enabling both our students and faculty to focus on more productive work.”

The idea behind VoyagerODN, which is also the foundation of everything we do here at Voyager Search, is to make it simple for users to find, manage, and use content in order to accomplish their specific tasks at hand. We had several institutions, companies, and nonprofits beta test VoyagerODN, and consistently “easy and intuitive” were among the top comments.

Given that VoyagerODN is open source, we anticipate there will be more and more adopters from a wide variety of industries as the product continues to grow way beyond what any of us can possibly imagine at this point.

As Director Cardillo said himself, “This is our time. In a world that has image scarcity in its rearview mirror and a data tidal wave on its horizon, we’ll sink, we’ll swim, or we’ll ride this rising tide. I say we ride.”

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