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A Flexible Platform for Decision Making and Streamlined Operations


Data Discovery

Unlock the Power of Information Retrieval with a connector framework that seamlessly connects to any data source, Including geospatial (raster, vector, maps and all other geospatial types)

Enrichment and Conditioning Pipeline

Transform your data with our advanced data enrichment and conditioning pipeline: enhance, cleanse, and optimize your data using AI/ML. Incorporate rules based workflows for better decision-making and insights

Search and Federated Search Enabled

Empower your organization with an advanced enterprise search and information retrieval system that includes the geospatial search capabilities providing the power of where to unlock location-based insights for improved decision-making and operational efficiency. Experience the efficiency of Federated Search, enabling simultaneous queries across multiple data repositories to streamline access and discovery.

Data Delivery

Effortlessly process, transform, and deliver data to meet your organization's specific needs through a seamlessly integrated ETL and machine-learning model execution for optimal data delivery.

Data Governance

Ensure data integrity, compliance, and security with robust data governance capabilities that are seamlessly integrated within our enterprise search and information retrieval system, enabling organizations to maintain data quality, adhere to regulatory requirements, and mitigate data-related risks.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our software creates a discovery ecosystem by connecting to existing systems, eliminating the need for costly data migration, and enabling relevant information to be pushed to mission users, insights to be captured and shared, and data holdings to be used, discovered, and analyzed uniformly.

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