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Data Governance

Ensure data integrity, compliance, and security with robust data governance capabilities, seamlessly integrated within our enterprise search and information retrieval system, enabling organizations to maintain data quality, adhere to regulatory requirements, and mitigate data-related risks.

Increased Trust in Your Data

Gain full visibility into mission-critical data assets, including metrics, data products, access, and dependencies across analyst products, leading to increased trust in data quality and accuracy.


Data Lineage and Relationships

Automatically map relationships between systems, applications, and reports, providing a context-rich view across the enterprise. This enables better understanding of data lineage and relationships, leading to improved data governance and decision-making.


Data Quality and Observability

Understand, diagnose, and manage data health, to align with the agency's digital transformation strategy for using data as a strategic asset. This enables proactive management of data quality and observability, ensuring compliance and adherence to data standards.


Inventory and Assess Data

Identify risks and ensure compliance and confidence in data standards. Streamline processes, simplify quality and governance, and make sense of how data is organized, resulting in easier data access, improved compliance, and streamlined data management.

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