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Products Licensed per Software Instance

Product Code Product Name
EXT_CMS Content Management Extension
EXT_ENTERPRISE_SECURITY Enterprise Security Extension
EXT_FEDERATED Federated Search Extension
EXT_GEOPROCESS GeoProcessing Extension
EXT_GEOTAG Geotagging Extension
EXT_NAVIGO_COMM Navigo Community Extension
SVR_BASIC Voyager Server Basic
SVR_BASIC_DEV Voyager Server Basic Development
SVR_FAILOVER Voyager Load Balanced Failover Server
SVR_PRO Voyager Server Pro
SVR_PRO_DEV Voyager Server Pro Development
WIDGET_ARCGIS Voyager Widget for ArcGIS Portal

Products Licensed per Software Usage

Product Code Product Name
[Count]_FLEX_INDEX_SS [Count] Maximum Document Count Flex Index with Self Service Support
INDEX_AGENT_SS Indexing Agent with Self Service Support
[Count]_FLEX_INDEX_FS [Count] Maximum Document Count Flex Index with Full Service Support
INDEX_AGENT_FS Indexing Agent with Full Service Support
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