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License Types

Products Licensed per Software Instance:

  1. EXT_CMS   Content Management Extension

  2. EXT_ENTERPRISE_SECURITY    Enterprise Security Extension

  3. EXT_FEDERATED    Federated Search Extension

  4. EXT_GEOPROCESS    GeoProcessing Extension

  5. EXT_GEOTAG    Geotagging Extension

  6. EXT_NAVIGO_COMM    Navigo Community Extension

  7. SVR_BASIC    Voyager Server Basic

  8. SVR_BASIC_DEV    Voyager Server Basic Development

  9. SVR_FAILOVER    Voyager Load Balanced Failover Server

  10. SVR_PRO    Voyager Server Pro

  11. SVR_PRO_DEV    Voyager Server Pro Development

  12. WIDGET_ARCGIS    Voyager Widget for ArcGIS Portal

Products Licensed per Software Usage

  • Flex Index

  • Indexing Agent

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