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Since 2008, we've helped customers around the world recover millions of dollars in lost productivity by finding what they need, when they need it and getting them back to doing what they do best.

Voyager Search provides Smart Spatial Search solutions to customers seeking an answer to frustrating, time-consuming search and workflows. Our off-the-shelf cognitive search platform combines best-of-breed search and spatial technologies and makes developing an enterprise search engine easy.

Geospatial specialist Brian Goldin and Open Source software engineer Ryan McKinley saw a major gap in search technology. By adding where to the traditional who, what and when of search, Brian and Ryan knew they could help friends and customers more easily find and deliver the important work they were doing. They set to work creating what would eventually become Voyager Search.

Our team is composed of some of the best and most dedicated in the search and geospatial communities. Each committed to helping customers succeed.
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We're proud to be an active part of the Open Source community as both a consumer and contributor.
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